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With average household savings at a record low [i] and nearly one-in-three adults in England and Northern Ireland NI unable to work out the correct change from a shopping trip [ii]teaching children and young people about money is more important than ever. What can I do to help them? Talk to your children about what they enjoyed spending their young chats, Christmas or holiday money on. Get them to think about the things that parents and carers spend money on. Explain that families have to pay for lots of things they young chats, like food, electricity, and a house.

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Ask them chxts how they think you make decisions about chatd to go on holiday and what to do? Get them to think about all young chats things they would need for a holiday — flights and a place to stay, suncream, a swimming costume, beach towels - and have a go at writing a budget Explain that lots of things in life need budgeting - running a house, owning a car, planning a party and so on.

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young chats The Money Advice Service has some great budgeting tools to help with oyung activities. Four in ten young people aged have paid for products or services online, many without the permission or knowledge of their parents. Talk to your young teens about credit and debt: Do they know what credit and debt is? Using credit should be carefully considered as it can end up costing a lot of money!

Explain how credit cards work. By the age of 16 many teens have started working young chats, so understanding a payslip means that they can independently check it and understand the difference between salary and take home pay. It also provides a useful intro to tax and National Insurance.

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If the teens in your life have already started working, take them through their own pay slip. If not, then you could use your own, or access an example online.

Some of the sections of a payslip can be confusing. For re-entry via the EU, please contact the relevant EU border inspection post for information about the requirements. Coronavirus Please consult the relevant information on our website in German, French young chats Italian.

At present and until further notice, there are no special restrictions on the import of animals into Switzerland. However, the hygiene measures imposed by the Confederation must be observed.

Young chats information on these s is intended solely for individuals with pets who do not intend to sell or give their animals to other people or institutions. The necessary documents can be found under "More information".

Leaving Switzerland Before they young chats travel, dogs, cats and ferrets need at least a pet passport, a microchip and a valid rabies vaccination. The exact requirements are determined ykung the country to which you are travelling. The conditions for re-entry must be met if you wish to return to Switzerland.

Re- entering Switzerland General provisions A maximum of five animals can be brought into the country under the "pet regulations" see: How is 'pet' defined? Exception: You can apply to the FSVO for a licence if you wish to bring more than five dogs, young chats or ferrets into Switzerland from a third country i. Chatw current protective measures always apply.

Re- entering from the EU The following is a summary of the regulations that apply when entering Switzerland from the EU young chats dogs, cats or ferrets. Young animals up to 12 weeks of age: Cahts animal requires a correctly completed official pet passport.

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The animal must be young chats. Young animals under 12 weeks of age do not have to be vaccinated against rabies before they are brought into the country. However, they do need confirmation completed by their new owner that they since they were born they have not been in contact with cyats animals.

This confirmation is not required if the young animals are accompanied by their mother and are still dependent on her. Puppies young chats to the age of eight weeks may only be brought into the country if they are accompanied by their mother.

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youny Animals between 12 and 16 weeks of age: The animal requires a correctly completed official pet passport. The animal must have been vaccinated against rabies.

The animal must be at least 12 weeks old before it can be given the first vaccination. There is no need for the day waiting period young chats vaccination if the animals travel with a confirmation completed by the new owner chsts they since they were born they have not been in contact with wild animals.