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Just be careful and take precautions The rackets include trafficking in vehicles stolen in Germany then altered for shipment on further to Russia.

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Just be careful and take precautions The rackets include trafficking in vehicles stolen in Germany then altered for shipment on further to Russia.

They are mostly controlled by former KGB operatives and their descendents. On illicit exports from Russia, the Russians will handle their own affairs.

There are also some business protection rackets run by the Russian mob in the Suwalki area. My grandmother tried to open up a series of cosmetic distributorships there and was run out of business by those people who were demanding far too much money as extortion to remain in business.

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The extortion rackets were done in the form of mandatory nigtlife and merchandise which was understood never to get paid for, as "requested gift samples" and such, which was then pipelined to Russian street retailers in Russia. We got the strong impression that a lot of retail distributorships were hustled in a similar fashion, nightlife poland sex chat line numbers is one reason large scale retailers have had difficulty in the region. Other thefts have involved extortion of wholesale goods from shipping warehouses and truck depots.

The Russians are apparently shunned and feared because they are regularly believed to be armed, but will interact through various local proxies who claim they are being "forced" to do the bidding of the Russians.

I think in some of these instances, many of those people are committing the crimes on their own and are not being "forced" by any Russians, with the story of the Russians being used to scare people away from pursuing justice. Yes the Russian government connected mafias are active there, but I think their power is exaggerated to "boogeyman" levels, and locals seem entirely afraid to defy them except by complaining to police with complaints which go largely disregarded because of the sophistication of the situation.

One thing to understand is the Poles in Poland seem to lack the nightlife poland sex chat line numbers of vigilante mindset which is common in America.

The further east one goes, the greater the theft and extortion gets, with the rackets involving larger scale theft of retail merchandise, truck hijackings and checkpoint robberies. The dominance of the Russian oriented mafias remains largely unchallenged and they are known to employ corrupt government officials, especially low level police.

Higher level police in turn will extort money FROM the mafias. The Hells Angels are very active in Poland, but are seen as almost a nationalist organization.

How much personal experience do you have of living in eastern Poland? That was more of a post Communism, early to mid 90's type of phenomenon, at least in Poland. There use to be some groups around Warsaw Pruszkow and Wolomin but many of those groups are now defunct The likelihood that you'll have to pay a protection tax is slim to none especially if you're in a good area or in the town square Also, criminal types tend to stick to places, people and things they know - the likelihood that a gang is going to set up shop at the new pub in town is rather low.