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So, which woman will Gunz choose?

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So, which woman will Gunz choose? Distraught wife Amina or outspoken baby mother Tara? Certainly, the latter star of the show is not losing any sleep. Most recently, Tara took over social media when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Gunner Ethan Pankey, this past Saturday.

The child is her third with Gunz. VIBE caught up with Wallace for a no holds barred interview discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Warning: Tara Wallace could care less what you call her.

Just cut the check. Tara Wallace: Live and let go. Everything else will fall in place. Our strained relationship is something that was already going on. Peter and I had been going through a tumultuous breakup, but once I told my sons about having another hio they were excited.

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This baby is happening. This is the choice I made. Story continues Were you taken aback by the pushback you received? I knew there was going to be flack from social media. I knew people would have something to say. But you know what? You have to take the good with the bad. Peter was the type of boyfriend that when we first started dating he would just sit at the computer hip hop chat me when I was getting my masters going to school.

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We would just sit together and laugh. He would read my papers. Peter was there for hip hop chat when I first moved to New York. With Peter and I our relationship goes beyond the surface stuff. We were friends for a long time and then after that he became my family and my best friend; that person that even though we got into a serious relationship chzt were still friends.

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I told my deepest secrets to Peter. There are only so many minutes on the show that we share who we are.

We all know the drama sells versus the other things. What is your relationship like with her and do you regret being a part of such a messy situation? I just had to operate off of instinct.

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For me that last season was just blow after blow after blow. By the end of it all, I was very beat up. It was like I chah in the ring with Mike Tyson. What was the biggest blow for you?

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When people get involved crazy things happen. During his marriage, Peter and I still lived together. Finally, I just said for my own sanity I have to try to just get a grip. But I found out this year that I still have feelings for Peter.

How do you respond to being labeled a home wrecker? As an adult you have to know what reality shows are.

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Her eyelashes are on. Did she really wake up like that? I was caught out there in the raw. And those feelings are not cyat I just had on my part. What do you say to people who point to your controversial relationship as a stumbling block to taking such a book seriously?

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The book itself is about developing a relationship with your inner self. This is a book we started before I even got pregnant. Does Peter support you writing this book?

Peter is an artist. The couple convicted in the 'balloon boy' hoax - who claimed their 6-year-old disappeared in a runaway UFO-shaped silver balloon - has been pardoned hip.