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Integrity Mailing List The official Internet australian christian chat rooms and information list of Integrity--an association of gay and lesbian Episcopalians. The primary purpose of this list is to distribute ificant news items concerning: national Integrity, Integrity regions, Integrity chapters, and Integrity members. Editorial and opinion articles [except those generated by authorized national Integrity spokespersons] are not accepted. There is also another mailing list, mainly for the use of computers in church and personal activities. To participate, send e-mail to Timothy K. Fujii tkfujii nskk.

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XML makes it relatively easy to define an appropriate markup, and lots of groups have taken advantage of this to develop a system for their subject area. The time is right to develop a liturgical markup language provisionally 'LitML'.

LitML might be used to mark up new liturgical texts of existing denominations, and also to mark up historic texts. In conjunction with other markup schemes it might be used for commentaries, and for scholarly and popular works, etc. Such a scheme would be multi-denominational and multi-national.

This is an invitation to participate in the process of defining LitML. The following skills might be useful: familiarity with writing, deing, printing and publishing liturgical texts familiarity with using liturgical texts, as a worshipper, or as a austrailan, etc. Please him at simon kershaw.

Liturgy Liturgy-l is a nondenominational forum for the discussion of issues relevant to the study and planning of Christian worship. We welcome participation from members of of all denominations. The activities of this list range from informal conversation to formal meeting.

Hence, each contribution to the ongoing discussion should be considered more a letter than a part of a chat. We encourage discussion across a broad spectrum of ecclesiastical and liturgical opinion and actively discourage the use of this list as a forum for liturgical warfare, denominational posturing, or other similar activities.

To subscribe, send to liturgy-l-subscribe yahoogroups. Monastic Monastic-L is an unmoderated discussion list focusing on professed religious life in the Anglican communion.

Monastic-L-digest is the digest form of Monastic-L. Tosend an to majordomo justus.

See www. To subscribe to oremus see its subscription.

Send one today! Welcome to the Christian Cafe Australia chatrooms.

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